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YANA Fernandez

Accounting Manager

My Story

Yana holds a paramount role within the Brokerage firm. Her position ranks at the top of the firm along with the VP of Operations and directly under the Managing Broker. Yana is a non-compete member of the Empire Office Staff. She graduated from West Orange High school and attended college earning herself an associate degree in nursing.


Although, her career path deviated in last few years, she established a passion towards the family business. Yana is a proud member of the Empire Family and is honor to service all Executive Agents with the highest level of customer service. Yana is highly respected for her Integrity, Knowledge, Diligence, and Consistency; she maintains a track record from the first day Empire opened its doors for business in 2014.


Actions speaks volume, she goes above and beyond her call of duty to guarantee each agent is immediately paid at closing, including those agents who chose to bring the commission check for processing the same day they close. Her accounting experience is second to none, she preserves the Brokerage Firm daily account records current and debt free!!! 

One word can not describe this bright young lady, however, "dedication" is a good start. 

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