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MERY Fernandez

Managing Broker 

My Story

Mery Fernandez is not just a Real Estate Broker, she is also a mother to two lovely young ladies and wife to Juan Fernandez. Mery was raised in New York City, she and her family moved to Orlando in May of 2003.

Upon completing her move and getting her family settled in their new home, Mery decided to start a career in Real Estate.  The first job she landed was with a privately owned, local real estate firm whose customers were based in the UK.  She was hired on the spot as an Administrative Assistant, in only 4 short months she was promoted to Office Manager.  Mery was approached by her Broker who encouraged her to obtain her real estate license.  After she accomplished her mission, the Broker promoted her to Branch Manager; this freed him up to pursue new construction projects and land acquisitions, while Mery operated,  managed and supervised all real estate transactions, Sales Agents, and employees.  She recruited, interviewed and trained the staff and Sales Team.  While managing the branch office, Mery tripled sales, expanded client base and assisted the broker with the grand opening of 3 additional offices.


In 2010, one of Central Florida largest Real Estate firms hired Mery to assist and conduct interviews for new agents as well as processed hundreds of transactions per month.  This made Mery such a powerful asset to the company, her employer encouraged her to obtain her Brokers license.  She took the opportunity presented to her and naturally she obtained her Brokers license! 

Mery's reputation and experience continued to grow.  Three years later, Mery was recruited by a competing broker. She was offered a position as Managing Broker in an office with over 400 agents. Shortly after switching brokerages, she discovered the company's standards were not as she expected. Mery found herself searching for a solution; she was looking for a way to fulfill her destiny. She wanted to make a difference in the real estate industry. Her husband, Juan suggested she open her own Real Estate office. Reluctant to the idea at first, eventually Mery came around.  Juan reminded her how much she had to offer agents with over 30,000 transactions under her belt, a unique background when compared to other broker's.

  On June 1, 2014 an Empire was born!  Mery opened her doors to Real Estate Professionals in the State of Florida. She brings knowledge and expertise to her agents through training and unsurpassed broker support. She is a non-compete broker whose passion is to assist the agents.  Empire Network Realty is creating a new breed of Realtors. They offer their clients the highest level of professionalism, reputation, integrity and knowledge. She was able to do this with the support of many amazing friends, colleagues and her family who came together as one to help build an Empire!  

Today, Empire Network Realty ranks the Top 15 Brokerages in Central Florida based on recorded sales on MLS.  Also, we are home to many Top Producers recognized and awarded by their Realtors Associations.  One cannot self-proclaimed credit for this astonishing record, the reality is collectively as a Team we earned this prestigious recognition through dedication and continuous efforts by all.  Empires' pride is servicing the agents like no other, our model is....

"Take care of your clients and we take care of you!"

This has proven success in assisting Agents build their Empire!

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