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Join the over 400+ agents that have made the change to start earning more. Empire has part time agents, full time agents and everything between.

Many of our Agents have been in the Real Estate business in Florida for many years and will be here for many more to come. The longevity and confidence comes from our professional real estate service we provide to many buyers, sellers and investors.  Our reputation speaks for itself through our clients recommendations to others.  The results are repeat clients and referral business that keeps us productive and successful.  We provide the agents with the tools necessary to stay successful.

You may ask what makes us different from other Real Estate Companies, we can tell you we are different because we care, we will not sell you anything,  we will show you how to get it at no cost or at a lower price, while other brokers will charge a hefty fee for those same products.  As a full service Brokerage firm, we service all agents and their clients in any scope of your Real Estate business, ranging from Residential, Commercial and Leasing.  We provide a solid and reputable non-compete broker support for all your real estate transactions needs and wants.

Get Your Real Estate License Today!

Real Estate Schools

♦ 63 Hours "Sales Associate" Real Estate License

♦ 72 Hours "Broker" Real Estate License

♦ 14 Hours " Sales Associate" Post License

♦ 60 Hours "Broker" Post License

♦ Mutual Recognition


Bob Hogue School of Real Estate 


Gold Coast


IFREC Real Estate

Earn 100% of Your Commission Today!

Florida REALTORS® are you ready to make the switch and give yourself a raise! KEEP 100% of Your Hard Earned Commission!


3% X $150,000.00 = $4,500.00 (Your Take Home Commission Can Be $4,500.00)

3% X $200,000.00 = $6,000.00 (Your Take Home Commission Can Be $6,000.00)

3% X $250,000.00 = $7,500.00 (Your Take Home Commission Can Be $7,500.00)

3% X $500,000.00 = $15,000.00 (Your Take Home Commission Can Be $15,000.00)

3% X $1,000,000.00 = $30,000.00 (Your Take Home Commission Can Be $30,000.00)


How About New Construction 3%-10% with 5K Bonus?

10% x $200k + 5k Bonus = $25K (Your Take Home Commission Can Be $30,000.00)

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"Mery Said It Wasn't About The Money,

It Is About The Integrity & It Was About A Good Name.

Let Your Good Name Flow Through"

                                                                    ~ R-Kal Truluck 

Members of The Following Realtors Associations In Florida

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