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JUAN Fernandez

VP of Operations

My Story

Juan attended College in NY, he majored in Accounting and Business Management.  His career as an entrepreneur is eminent, his extensive background in leadership secures the success of any business.  Juan became a Entrepreneur at the age of 23 yrs old. He owned and operated several startup businesses, two of which were in New York.  Many claim to own business, but to own a successful business is totally different.  His first business he owned for over 11 years, until he sold it when he and his family relocated to Florida in 2003.


   Juan is a non-compete member of the Empire Office Staff; with his impressive credentials Juan's leading role at Empire Network Realty is to Manage multiple entities within the Company.  His responsibilities are vital to the continuous growth and worthiness of the Empire.  He oversees and maintains fundamental financial reports, while seeking and evaluate ongoing business opportunities within each stage of our growth.  Juan is an indispensable asset to Empire and it's uninterrupted success!  

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